Saturday, February 13, 2016

Progress on Lundby Renovation

At last I have finished all of the new wallpaper and the flooring in my Lundby house! Now I am going to revamp some of the old furniture and make a bunch of new stuff for the house. Some of the vintage Lundby will be left as is, like all the couches and chairs, which can work ok with my color palette. I know that the big room with the gelli print wallpaper and the black and white floor is going to be my main art studio. I need to make a lot of shelving and tables and art stuff for that room, so that is probably where I will start as soon as I get a couple of the bedrooms situated. The purple, blue, and aqua flooring with the little raised dots on it was inspired by a house I was in that had every room a different color and it was fabulous. The flooring was some kind of hardish rubber with a texture like round flat dots, kind of like the top of Lego. Very easy to keep clean. While working on this project, I am also working on my 1/12 scale house. I am almost finished with the walls in there, so I will have lots to make for that one too. Both of my houses need work on the outside as well...never ending process, just like a real house, but way more fun.

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