Friday, January 1, 2016

My Real Good Toys Dollhouse Renovation

This is my very first dollhouse ever. It came to me already assembled with a bunch of furniture at an amazing price. The roof and some other parts had fallen off during a move, but everything is here and I just have to put it back together. Unfortunately upon closer inspection, I discovered that the first floor stairs are not in correctly, but they are in so tight I don't think I can get them out without destroying the wall they are glued to. Also, somehow the first floor wall partition will not fit in unless I jam it in there and risk breaking the rest of the house apart. So I am going to deal with it as is the best I can. Here is a picture before I did anything to it and the roof is just sitting on top, not permanently attached and the porch railings and columns are missing, as well as some of the roof trim...

I have not decided on my outside color yet, and I am planning on making new shutters and a door. All the porch railings and roof trim also need to be painted and put back on. So far I have painted and wallpapered the top floor, which is my playroom and kids bedroom, and the second floor bedroom and bathroom. I decided to use the wall for the first floor in the playroom instead. I had already done the wallpaper when I discovered it will not fit on the first floor, and I like how it looks up there instead of the full wall that is meant to go up there. I made the sink for the bathroom but I don't have any other bathroom stuff yet. I also made the rug for the bedroom and the tie dye rug in the playroom is just a scrap and my son made the colorful knitted rug in school when he was little. My baseboards and top molding are made from 110 lb. cardstock. I am planning on putting an outdoor living space and garden on the roof. This house is not big enough for an art studio, but no house should be without one, so one of my other houses will be just an art studio and gallery. I may change my mind and change the whole thing. I will also have a big art room in my Lundby house. This project is where two of my favorite things come together...gelli prints and dollhouses :) I will be using some of my gelli prints for wallpaper in all my dollhouses, as well as to makeover some of the furniture I already have. I also covered the stairs with prints on deli paper and I love them. Lots more work to do :)

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  1. Pretty cool, love this idea! I have two rather old dollhouses in the basement I was beginning to alter into a haunted house. The other we put together when my daughter was young. I may have to look at them again. Thanks for the creative inspiration!