Friday, January 29, 2016

2015 Gelli Print Favorites

These are some of my very favorite Gelli® prints from 2015. I love all of my prints for one reason or another, but some of them are easier to cut up than others for my "old stuff beautification" projects. These prints will probably not be cut up and used to make something else beautiful. I think they may become framed art all on their own...

Mixed Media Birdhouse Canvas

Birdhouse Canvas...Acrylic paint on 12x12 gallery wrap canvas. Birdhouses made from Gelli® print scraps. Stencils used are Dot Fade by Tim Holtz for Stampers Anonymous, and a journaling stencil by Chatter Box called Funky. The round black stamps are from the Limor Circles set by IndigoBlu and the white circles are made with a bottle cap. The thick black line stamps on the one side were made using the end of a makeup sponge. The three flowers along the bottom are made of chipboard, painted with acrylics. The spirals in the centers of the flowers are from the Tiny Backgrounds stamp set by Hero Arts. Black outlines and flower stems made using Derwent Inktense pencil and a black extra fine point Painters paint pen. The white accents on the birdhouses are white gel pen by Uniball Signo.

Altered Calendar/Address Books Project

Hello...I gave these cute little hardcover calendar/address books from The Dollar Tree a colorful makeover. First they got a few coats of DecoArt Media white gesso on the outside covers. My intention was to paint the inside covers too, but when I tried to gesso them, they started to wrinkle up pretty badly, so I decided to just stick some gelli print scraps in there instead. Americana acrylic paints (colors shown in photo below) and my hand carved eraser stamps were used to decorate the background. Then I got out my little box of gelli print scraps and made a long-legged birdie and some flowers for one of the books, and a heart for the back of the other. The little girl on the front of the second book is a paper doll I made many years ago. I am keeping that book for myself. I finished them up with black outlines and some little white dots and circles, and added a piece of blue ribbon on one and a piece of black silk cord on the other for book marks. The black cord has a bead I made from polymer clay on the end of it.




Friday, January 1, 2016

Vintage Lundby Renovation

I won this vintage Lundby house on ebay in an auction in which I was the only bidder. It came to me from Minnesota and the house needs quite a bit of TLC, but it was full of some awesome vintage Lundby furniture including lots of lights and two transformers. It also came with two extensions. I got the third one elsewhere. I am still in search of the Lundby Stockholm house to add to my complex. I will soon be getting an education on dollhouse electrics repair since a lot of it needs attention. I already got two new Lundby electrics kits on Amazon though, so I am ready to get it all situated when I get to that point. First I am wallpapering the whole thing. The vintage wallpaper is way too dull for me, so I am using scrapbook paper and some of my gelli prints to brighten things up a bit. It is a slow process, but I am getting there. I have so far been unsuccessful finding Lundby templates online, which would make it quite a bit easier to cut everything to fit perfectly. I understand they are available, so if anyone knows where to go for that, please let me know. I will be furnishing this house with vintage Lundby where I can, and also stuff that I make. I love love love the mid-century modern and the ultra modern minis, but some of them are crazy expensive, so I am going to explore the options for making some cool modern stuff myself. Here is the Lundby house before I started...

After wallpapering the top house part, still have to do baseboards and top molding in those rooms...


My Real Good Toys Dollhouse Renovation

This is my very first dollhouse ever. It came to me already assembled with a bunch of furniture at an amazing price. The roof and some other parts had fallen off during a move, but everything is here and I just have to put it back together. Unfortunately upon closer inspection, I discovered that the first floor stairs are not in correctly, but they are in so tight I don't think I can get them out without destroying the wall they are glued to. Also, somehow the first floor wall partition will not fit in unless I jam it in there and risk breaking the rest of the house apart. So I am going to deal with it as is the best I can. Here is a picture before I did anything to it and the roof is just sitting on top, not permanently attached and the porch railings and columns are missing, as well as some of the roof trim...

I have not decided on my outside color yet, and I am planning on making new shutters and a door. All the porch railings and roof trim also need to be painted and put back on. So far I have painted and wallpapered the top floor, which is my playroom and kids bedroom, and the second floor bedroom and bathroom. I decided to use the wall for the first floor in the playroom instead. I had already done the wallpaper when I discovered it will not fit on the first floor, and I like how it looks up there instead of the full wall that is meant to go up there. I made the sink for the bathroom but I don't have any other bathroom stuff yet. I also made the rug for the bedroom and the tie dye rug in the playroom is just a scrap and my son made the colorful knitted rug in school when he was little. My baseboards and top molding are made from 110 lb. cardstock. I am planning on putting an outdoor living space and garden on the roof. This house is not big enough for an art studio, but no house should be without one, so one of my other houses will be just an art studio and gallery. I may change my mind and change the whole thing. I will also have a big art room in my Lundby house. This project is where two of my favorite things come together...gelli prints and dollhouses :) I will be using some of my gelli prints for wallpaper in all my dollhouses, as well as to makeover some of the furniture I already have. I also covered the stairs with prints on deli paper and I love them. Lots more work to do :)

Little Love Shack Magnets

This is my special edition series of magnets called Little Love Shacks...there are only six of them in the world, since I re-purposed them from a set of coasters shaped like Christmas houses. I forgot to take a before photo, oops. Another thrift store treasure. Now they are happy little love shack magnets...

One Happy Little Stool

These counter-height solid wood stools were a craigslist find for $5 each. I have only one of them completed and I am unsure about what I am going to do with the other one so far. I love love love brightly colored furniture, but after working with wood and paint a fair amount, I think I am going to start making my own brightly colored stains instead. The pieces will age better and I think I will be much happier with the overall results. This stool was going to have concentric circles on top, but trying to get that perfectly straight was way too difficult for me, so when all else fails, cover it with gelli prints :) I may completely start over with these stools or I may just move on to the next thing. The other one will be completely different, but I'm ok with that. I have two other sets of stools in my stash so I will definitely try out my new colored stains on them. I painted these with Americana acrylics.