Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Painting Stones...Girls with Big Hats Magnets

The possibilities are endless when it comes to painting flat smooth stones. The dollar tree is a great place to get bags of stones. I had some that were the perfect shape for some girls with really big hats. I love magnets, so that's what I turned them into...

I painted the stones first with white Americana acrylic paint, then drew on my designs with a pencil and colored with other colors of Americana acrylic paint. After the paint was dry, I outlined the design with a black Decocolor paint pen. I painted the backs too and used round magnets and they seem to hold the weight of the stone just fine. Coated them all over with Deco-Pauge Gloss


  1. ooooooooooooooooh......myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy......word!!!!!.....these are wonderful!!

  2. I am so very honored that you love them...words cannot express my joy :D can't wait to hug you!!!

  3. These are so fun to look at and make me giggle.