Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Mini Stone Pottery

I recently got the chance to view a LOT of minis up close and personal when I got to be a monitor for The Enchanted Village at The 2015 Southern Christmas Show. This opportunity came as a result of joining my local miniatures group. The creativity and craftsmanship that goes into all the mini displays is nothing but amazing. While I was at the show, I got to visit a booth I have been to before called Adega Creations. Last time I got a bunch of little stone hearts, a little stone angel and a stone box, one tiny stone vase, and a sweet little wooden spoon. This time I got these mini stone bowls, two more vases, and another heart. Perfect for my 1 inch scale dollhouse kitchen. The creators of these beautiful pieces are from Kenya and all of the stone pieces are hand carved from soapstone. They are beyond awesome and I love them!! 

In the Enchanted Village, I fell in love with the house that won first prize in the House category. There were other categories like Room Boxes and Unusual Containers. This house is completely to die for inside and out. Respect to the lady who made it...You are AWESOME. I have to get her name again and put it here, she is a member of another local minis club.


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