Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Sweet Art Case

Wow, I cannot believe it is the end of December already. I have been very busy this month working on several different projects, some of which I have actually finished. I have two dollhouses currently under renovation that will be ongoing for a while and that I will be posting about along the way as I get them in order. I think the first non-dollhouse related project I am sharing today is an awesome transformation. First, I must give credit and thanks for this idea to my friend Debbie Page Harris of Studio Bee Creations in Spartanburg SC., who totally inspired me with her very cool vintage suitcase makeovers. I saw one she had done and I loved it so much, I knew I had to try something similar. I started keeping an eye out for a hard-sided suitcase during my thrift store travels, and I settled on this particular case for a few reasons...1. I thought it could hold a lot of art stuff  2. I thought I could cover it with gelli prints without any problems 3. It was $6 and it did not smell funny like a lot of old suitcases do. Here is the old brown case before meeting my gelli prints and several different kinds of ribbon. I used Matte Medium to glue the papers on and Tacky Glue for the ribbons. If you have any idea who might have carried a case like this, please let me know because I have not a clue.

Here are a couple of pictures as I started to cover up the brown...

No more brown... :)

Here is the other side of the tag that is hanging on it in the third picture...

I had fun doing this old brown bag makeover, and I am excited to fill it with my favorite art stuff next time I go away from home. Thanks for having a look!!!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Gelli Printed Lamp

I saw this "brass" lamp at a garage sale for $3. It looks brass but it is magnetic, so it is brass colored metal I guess. We needed another lamp and I thought the shape of this lamp would be perfect for...yes you guessed it...covering with gelli prints :) I bought a new shade for it since the one it came with was quite old and dusty and yellowish. This project was super easy to do, and pretty fast too. First I took the lamp outside and sprayed it and the metal part on the finial thingy with Scotch Super 77 Multi Purpose Spray Adhesive. I had my first few prints cut to size and standing by. After I sprayed a coating of the adhesive on while holding my breath, I walked away to get some fresh air for a few seconds, grabbed my prints and off I went. They stuck to the lamp base like a dream, so easy and no wrinkling. I had to pull a few of them back and re-position, but no major wrinkling at all. After a short time, I took the whole operation back inside where it was not windy, as I did not want any stray tree parts, etc. sticking to it. I never even really got a whiff of the spray adhesive, so that's good, as you need to be careful with this stuff if you use it. I had my paper cutter ready to go beside me and just sliced up the prints to the sizes I needed to get it done. When I had it covered, I secured any loose edges or corners with gel medium and a little brush. After it was dry, I outlined the sections with a black oil based Sharpie paint pen. I'm not sure who suggested that on my last gelli print project, I have to go back and find out, but thank you, I think that was excellent advice and I appreciate it!! I primed the wood part on top and the ball on the top with Zinsser, and then painted with three coats of Americana Multi-Surface Satin Acrylics in Black Tie. I then used my sweet little 4" Gelli® printing plate to print directly on the lamp shade. While I was at it, I made a fun gift bag for my friend Debbie, using the plain white gift bag to clean my stamps and texture plates off on. I really like how the shade came out and it looks pretty cool when the light is on. Please have a look at my sweet new lamp...:)

Here is the before photo of the brass colored metal lamp...

lamp base covered...

metal part on finial covered and wood parts painted with primer...

metal part on top covered and wood part painted black...

Ready to print on the lamp shade...

All done!!!


Here is the gift bag for Debbie...

 Thanks for looking at my blog!!!
Hope to see you again soon!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Art Journal Page

Here is the first page in my new Moleskine watercolor journal. I used DecoArt Media white gesso and the same paints I used on the canvas in the last post, Liquitex, Pebeo, Americana, and Daler Rowney fluorescent pink. This journal is for trying out ideas I may want to do on bigger paper or a canvas. I outlined with the birds with my Derwent Inktense pencil in India Ink and drew the horizon line with a black paint pen. The stamps are from the Tim Holtz Bitty grunge set, Hero Arts Tiny Background Stamps set, and Stampabilities Sophie Lower Case Alphabet. The ink pad is a hybrid ink by Palette.

Mini Stone Pottery

I recently got the chance to view a LOT of minis up close and personal when I got to be a monitor for The Enchanted Village at The 2015 Southern Christmas Show. This opportunity came as a result of joining my local miniatures group. The creativity and craftsmanship that goes into all the mini displays is nothing but amazing. While I was at the show, I got to visit a booth I have been to before called Adega Creations. Last time I got a bunch of little stone hearts, a little stone angel and a stone box, one tiny stone vase, and a sweet little wooden spoon. This time I got these mini stone bowls, two more vases, and another heart. Perfect for my 1 inch scale dollhouse kitchen. The creators of these beautiful pieces are from Kenya and all of the stone pieces are hand carved from soapstone. They are beyond awesome and I love them!! 

In the Enchanted Village, I fell in love with the house that won first prize in the House category. There were other categories like Room Boxes and Unusual Containers. This house is completely to die for inside and out. Respect to the lady who made it...You are AWESOME. I have to get her name again and put it here, she is a member of another local minis club.


Mixed Media Canvas

I started this painting a while ago and finally finished it the other day. It is a 16 x 20 canvas panel painted using DecoArt Media white gesso and acrylic paints by Americana, Liquitex, Pebeo, and Daler Rowney fluorescent pink, of course. The white dots are made using the Mini Microbial stencil from The Crafters Workshop. The outlines are done with a black oil based Sharpie paint pen. All the stamps except the tiny ones are my hand carved eraser stamps. The tiny heart is from a Stampabilities set called Sophie Lower Case Alphabet, and the spiral is from the Hero Arts Tiny Background Stamps set.

Painting Stones...Girls with Big Hats Magnets

The possibilities are endless when it comes to painting flat smooth stones. The dollar tree is a great place to get bags of stones. I had some that were the perfect shape for some girls with really big hats. I love magnets, so that's what I turned them into...

I painted the stones first with white Americana acrylic paint, then drew on my designs with a pencil and colored with other colors of Americana acrylic paint. After the paint was dry, I outlined the design with a black Decocolor paint pen. I painted the backs too and used round magnets and they seem to hold the weight of the stone just fine. Coated them all over with Deco-Pauge Gloss

Mini Canvas Paintings!!!

In between the twenty or so art projects I am currently working on, I have finally found a moment to post about a few little things that have reached some stage of completion. I say that because sometimes I find myself going back to stuff I already did and trying to make it a bit better. Sometimes I am happy with the results, but sometimes not. I do this because my once quite small creative "toolbox" has been expanding more and more every day. I have learned so much by watching a few amazing artists who are willing to share their techniques, and I am forever grateful that they have taken the time to not only share their beautiful work, but to show others how they do it. Muriel Moret/Mimi Bondi, Nika Rousse/Nika in Wonderland on youtube, and also nicoletta zanella on youtube - YOU ROCK and you make beyond awesome art...THANK YOU!!!!!!

So...for my first wee little post today, I have a few mini canvases, size 2.5 x 2.5, perfect for the wall in any dollhouse where the inhabitants love color :) I got these little canvases and easles at Joann's and painted them using my DecoArt Media white gesso and Americana acrylics, with a touch of that Daler Rowney System 3 fluorescent pink, which I cannot live without. The stamps are either my "custom" eraser stamps or from a set by Hero Arts called Tiny Background Stamps. White Sharpie paint pen on top. On the second painting I used a little black paint pen too. On the third painting the trees are made with black fabric paint and then painted over.