Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Mini Photo Shoot

I had another "first" this week...I went to my very first dollhouse and miniatures show last Saturday. It was not a huge show, but there was so much to see!! I guess I never realized how long it takes to go around and look at a bunch of really small stuff. I can get in and out of a regular sized craft show pretty quickly since I am only drawn to the bright colored stuff and do not usually look at jewelry since I don't even really wear what I have. These days, I have to take my glasses off and get fairly close to see what I'm looking at so it took extra long to check out the minis. Strange things happen to our eyes after 40...Anyway, today I fixed myself up a little mini photo shoot so I could share pictures of the things I got. As I mentioned in my first dollhouse blog post, I am not going to decorate my dollhouse in any traditional style, so I just got a few itty bitty things that caught my eye. Like I always do when I shop :) 

First, I got this awesome red stool and this super cute electric guitar in a case. The guitar came from a lady named Barbara Boeckstiegl and she said it was a tree ornament from a music store. I'll definitely be checking that out at the holidays. She said there was a drum set, and I bet there are other instruments too. I got it because it is so cute, and there are two people who play guitar in my house. I myself have even tried to play, but as of yet, only unsuccessfully. Barbara also lives in Charlotte and said she has a dollhouse I can have. She described it as a shot gun southern style Charleston house. Does anybody know what that means? However it looks, I'm very excited about it!! Her business is called Created By Barbara.

These are the food items I bought. The pan of brownies looks completely real, right down to the glaze on top and some crumbs in the dish. I so so so love the enamel baking dish the brownies are in too. The bows on the little gifts are so impressive, tons of loops and super starched to stay nice. The packages themselves are wrapped tight as can be in sparkly paper. Seriously small handiwork!! I just liked the cake and the candy apples, and even though I make mini cakes too, I wanted to have a cake that someone else made. The brownies, the cake, and the candy apples were all made by a lady named Sue Brauer from Charlotte NC. I also got some tiny ceramic dishes and a wooden cabinet from her that are shown in another photo. The table in all of these pictures is my first attempt at making dollhouse furniture.

Next we have the pottery table...these awesome kitchen items were all made by a lady named Denise Bryant. Her business is called Country Mini and she is from Danville, VA. I also got the sweet red stool from her. I'm not really sure if she made it or not, but I couldn't resist. If she did make it, I would really like to know how. 

Here are the ceramic dishes and the wooden cabinet/armoire thingy I also got from Sue Brauer... 

 This last group of stuff was just random stuff that was super cheap, each little baggie of stuff was about $1. The little red and white basket and the tiny pot and flowers in it were free at the door when I paid $1 to go in. 

I do not know exactly what this is called, but it is made of wood and it has flowers on it, so I thought it was cool and unusual.

So here are some pictures of my mini photo shoot "studio"...

Thanks for looking!!! 

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