Sunday, October 25, 2015

Gelli® Printing Custom Paper Stock For An Ugly Furniture Makeover

Hello...just a quick post to share the gelli® prints I made to cover a really ugly mauve pink piece of furniture. I'll save the photos of that for the post I do when it is finished. I don't want to show the before pictures until I have the after pictures. I just wanted to share photos of the prints before they get cut up. It soooo hurts my feelings to cut some of them up, but when the piece I made them for is done, it will be worth it. :) All of these prints were made using my 8 x 10 Gelli® plate, office copy paper, and DecoArt Americana Acrylic and Neon paints. I also used Daler Rowney System 3 fluorescent pink on some of them. The stencils used are TCW Mod Spirals, TCW Balzer Bits Daisy and Pattern Heart, and Americana Oopsy Daisy. I also used some texture plates, homemade stamps and other random objects. There are several clean up papers and brayer papers here in this display as well. Got to get back to the ugly furniture makeover project in process back soon :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

My Happy Mail Art

Mail Art!! Somerset Studio magazine is doing a piece on mail art, so I broke out my Gelli® printed envelopes and got to work jazzing some of them up to send in for consideration. This is the first time I have ever sent any of my artwork to a magazine. I hope they like my mail art and they put it in their magazine along with all the other cool mail art. :)   
(please excuse the black or white rectangles, all submitted art has to have the artists name and address on it, so I covered up the labels)

Here are a couple of close ups...


Mini Photo Shoot

I had another "first" this week...I went to my very first dollhouse and miniatures show last Saturday. It was not a huge show, but there was so much to see!! I guess I never realized how long it takes to go around and look at a bunch of really small stuff. I can get in and out of a regular sized craft show pretty quickly since I am only drawn to the bright colored stuff and do not usually look at jewelry since I don't even really wear what I have. These days, I have to take my glasses off and get fairly close to see what I'm looking at so it took extra long to check out the minis. Strange things happen to our eyes after 40...Anyway, today I fixed myself up a little mini photo shoot so I could share pictures of the things I got. As I mentioned in my first dollhouse blog post, I am not going to decorate my dollhouse in any traditional style, so I just got a few itty bitty things that caught my eye. Like I always do when I shop :) 

First, I got this awesome red stool and this super cute electric guitar in a case. The guitar came from a lady named Barbara Boeckstiegl and she said it was a tree ornament from a music store. I'll definitely be checking that out at the holidays. She said there was a drum set, and I bet there are other instruments too. I got it because it is so cute, and there are two people who play guitar in my house. I myself have even tried to play, but as of yet, only unsuccessfully. Barbara also lives in Charlotte and said she has a dollhouse I can have. She described it as a shot gun southern style Charleston house. Does anybody know what that means? However it looks, I'm very excited about it!! Her business is called Created By Barbara.

These are the food items I bought. The pan of brownies looks completely real, right down to the glaze on top and some crumbs in the dish. I so so so love the enamel baking dish the brownies are in too. The bows on the little gifts are so impressive, tons of loops and super starched to stay nice. The packages themselves are wrapped tight as can be in sparkly paper. Seriously small handiwork!! I just liked the cake and the candy apples, and even though I make mini cakes too, I wanted to have a cake that someone else made. The brownies, the cake, and the candy apples were all made by a lady named Sue Brauer from Charlotte NC. I also got some tiny ceramic dishes and a wooden cabinet from her that are shown in another photo. The table in all of these pictures is my first attempt at making dollhouse furniture.

Next we have the pottery table...these awesome kitchen items were all made by a lady named Denise Bryant. Her business is called Country Mini and she is from Danville, VA. I also got the sweet red stool from her. I'm not really sure if she made it or not, but I couldn't resist. If she did make it, I would really like to know how. 

Here are the ceramic dishes and the wooden cabinet/armoire thingy I also got from Sue Brauer... 

 This last group of stuff was just random stuff that was super cheap, each little baggie of stuff was about $1. The little red and white basket and the tiny pot and flowers in it were free at the door when I paid $1 to go in. 

I do not know exactly what this is called, but it is made of wood and it has flowers on it, so I thought it was cool and unusual.

So here are some pictures of my mini photo shoot "studio"...

Thanks for looking!!! 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Happy Fish Update

I posted about this happy fish canvas a while back...

I felt it needed something, so I decided to try and make it a bit more interesting...I added some Pebeo Iridescent Studio Acrylics, a few mini stencils, and some of my eraser stamps. Should I have left it alone? oh well, too late now :)

"Happy Houses" Mixed Media Art Canvases

I love little houses, so currently I am doing a collection of happy houses on small canvases. My first happy little house is done on an 11" x 14" canvas panel. My background was painted with Americana Acrylics. It is not hard to tell that Sizzling Pink Neon is my favorite color. The houses and trees are cut from Gelli print clean-up papers. I drew the bird and the flowers on cardstock with Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens and colored them with Prismacolor pencils. The spiral stamps are made from erasers and the flowers and hearts are mini cling and wood mounted stamps. The stencils used are Dots by Americana and raindrops by Prima. I no longer have the wrapper, but I think the flower stencil is by Plaid. I doodled with Painter's and Montana acrylic paint pens in black and white, and added a little sparkle to the flowers, the bird, and the heart on the door with a beyond awesome Sakura Stardust pen.

Happy house #2 is on a 9" x 9" gallery wrap canvas that I got at the thrift store for $1.99. It had a baby theme on it, but nothing a little DecoArt Media Gesso couldn't fix. This background is also done with those awesome and affordable Americana Acrylics and Neons. I drew the house, the bird, and the flowers with my Pitt pens and colored them with Prismacolor pencils. I outlined the bird with Derwent Inktense. I used the Scribble and Dots stencils by Americana, some eraser stamps made by me, and those tiny rubber and cling stamps again. The arrow stamp is from Stampabilities Cute Border Mix. I wrote my words and the lines around them with a Ranger Embossing Pen in black and embossed with Recollections Clear Embossing Powder. I used the same black and white paint pens to doodle, and I love love love that Stardust pen for adding some sparkle!!

 For the last happy house of the day, we have another thrift store treasure, only this one is 10" x 10" and the gallery wrap is 2" instead of 1.5". Now that's a canvas!!! When I start stretching my own, I am definitely making them that thick. As you can see, I am drawn to the same colors all the time. I have had this "problem" for as long as I can remember and I cannot get away from the bright colors, nor do I want to! DecoArt Media Gesso and then Americana acrylic paints for the background, heavy on the Sizzling Pink. House and flowers using Pitt Artist pens and Prismacolor pencils. I used several homemade eraser stamps, a juice lid for the white circles, and my tiny stamps. Scribble stencil by Americana. On this one, I outlined the house and the flowers with a Derwent Inktense pencil in Indian Ink. I also put some DecoArt Media Modeling Paste through a little dot stencil to make the white dots. Again I used the Painter's and Montana acrylic paint pens to doodle and the Sakura Stardust pen for sparkle. On all three of these canvases, I used DecoArt Matte Medium to adhere the houses, flowers, and birds to the canvas. I included a few close ups, with hopes that you could see the sparkle from the Stardust pens. For my next mixed media house project, I will be working on some little house shaped coasters I found for $1. Please stay tuned :)

My First Dollhouse!!! how the days just seem to fly by! Today I just want to share some pictures of my first dollhouse ever!! I'm so excited about this!!! I have wanted a dollhouse since I was in 5th grade and I saw an amazing one at a friends house. One week after my 49th birthday, I found this dollhouse for an amazing price. It even came with 19 pieces of furniture, including a super cool mod fridge, 4 people dolls, a dog and cat, a set of pots and pans and some cans of soda. Based on my research, this house is an Ashley Jr. house by Real Good Toys. All the parts and every last shingle are here, even though the porch railings and other trim are not in the picture. I'm going to paint everything before I put that stuff back on. The inner walls are also out for the same reason. One of the best things about this house is that it has not been wallpapered or had anything done that I have to "demo"and it already has awesome wood floors. I am changing the shutters and the front door for sure. I know the inside is not going to be done in any one traditional style. I'm going to decorate it like I would my real house, in my style :) and I am going to make a lot of things to go in it. There will definitely be an art studio in this house, and cupcakes :) .  I am thinking about painting the outside like some of the pretty  colored houses I have seen at the beach, but I have not decided yet. The current color of the outside is not too bad. There is an old Victorian house in the town where I used to live that is painted bright orange and another is bright blue. Both of those houses are used for businesses. Please check back if you are interested in seeing how my dollhouse comes along!!