Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Making Mini Sweet Shop Treats from Polymer Clay

I love love love dollhouses and miniatures!!! They are so fascinating to me and I can spend hours and hours looking at pictures, or if I'm lucky enough, real miniatures. I have never had my own dollhouse, but I am going to make one for myself in the very near future. Currently I am working on making items out of polymer clay for a miniature sweet shop, since cupcakes are another of my favorite things :) . I have read quite a few books on making polymer clay minis, so now I have been just giving it a go. Here are some of the items that will be available at my mini sweet shop in 1/12 scale, which I have not yet named or designed. Building space has been an issue at our house, but not for much longer. Despite that, I have already gotten started on making some treats to fill the display cases...hope you enjoy and please stop by my blog again soon!!!

 As a bonus ;) , here is a picture of my first try at mini veggies...

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