Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Making Mini Sweet Shop Treats from Polymer Clay

I love love love dollhouses and miniatures!!! They are so fascinating to me and I can spend hours and hours looking at pictures, or if I'm lucky enough, real miniatures. I have never had my own dollhouse, but I am going to make one for myself in the very near future. Currently I am working on making items out of polymer clay for a miniature sweet shop, since cupcakes are another of my favorite things :) . I have read quite a few books on making polymer clay minis, so now I have been just giving it a go. Here are some of the items that will be available at my mini sweet shop in 1/12 scale, which I have not yet named or designed. Building space has been an issue at our house, but not for much longer. Despite that, I have already gotten started on making some treats to fill the display cases...hope you enjoy and please stop by my blog again soon!!!

 As a bonus ;) , here is a picture of my first try at mini veggies...

Making Beads With Sculpey III Polymer Clay

Hi and thanks for stopping by...I made these beads with Sculpey III polymer clay, using the Amaco Tri Bead Roller. I put a coating of Sculpey Gloss Glaze on after baking them on the Sculpey Bead Baking Rack. I first discovered polymer clay back in 1991 when I worked for a year in a local after school enrichment program. My son and I played with it a lot when he was little, but we never had any fancy tools to use with it or anything. Now I am mainly interested in using it to make dollhouse miniatures, but the caning techniques are super cool too and I really want to get good at all of it. Just last year, I bought my first pasta machine, which was a Giada DiLaurentis machine from Target. It left black streaks on my clay no matter what I did to clean it. After researching the issue, I ended up getting the Marcado Atlas with the anodized aluminum rollers that do not do that. My son said these beads looked like a "bead forest" when they were drying on the wires and toothpicks in the foam block. 

Friday, August 7, 2015

Art Journal Page from Mimi Bondi Tutorial

Hello...I have a new favorite artist and I cannot get enough of her videos!! If you love bright and colorful art, you must check her out. Her name is Mimi and her website is http://mimibondi.com/. I so wish I could go to one of her workshops, but unfortunately she lives in Australia. I did this art journal page after watching her Studio Time 8 Mixed Media Art Tutorial http://mimibondi.com/studio-time-8-learn-mixed-media-tutorial

 In most of her tutorials, Mimi uses the exact same paints I have, Liquitex Basics, in the same colors that I love the most, and Pebeo Iridescent Studio Acrylics. Another reason why I love her so much!!! All doodling was done with black and white Painters paint pens.

Gelli® Printed Deli Paper Frame

This was my first time using deli paper on my 8 x 10 Gelli® Plate. I printed these sheets to cover a wood frame, which was then used to frame a piece of cherished art that my son made when he was little. I love how the deli paper sticks down so easily using Mod Podge Matte, and I think the frame turned out really nice. I see many many more of these in my immediate future :)...

Here is a close up of the deli paper...I used Liquitex Basics acrylic paint, several homemade stamps, and the masks are Balzer Bits Pomegranate Flowers.

I have been waiting to frame this painting (along with several others) for almost 20 years. I LOVE how it turned out and it warms my heart every day to have it hanging in our kitchen.