Thursday, July 23, 2015

Gelli Print Home Decor Idea

Hello happy art lovers...the creators of the highly addictive and endlessly fun Gelli Plate monoprinting plate posted a fantastic project for using up your stash of prints. Many many years ago I saw a flight of stair risers done with all different colored small tiles in a magazine. These people also had the kitchen island and the backsplash done with the same tiles to match. It was beyond cool and I never forgot about that, but this idea is MUCH easier and way more affordable. These are the stairs down into my art room in our new house. At one time it was a garage. Not too pretty. But that is about to change, as you can see below. I have the top riser done!! These stairs are each a different size, as you can also see below. First I am gluing my print slices to poster board, then mounting the poster board sections on long pieces of foam board. The foam board is then double-sided taped to the riser. This way I can take them with me when I leave :) I have a lot more to do on this, but I am already thinking about how I am going to do a non permanent installation like this on the bottom of the kitchen island...shhh


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