Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My Happy Chair

Hello!! It is one of my hearts desires to fill my house with happy, brightly painted furniture. Here is an ugly kitchen chair makeover that I did recently. ("before" photo posted below) Many many hours were spent on this and there is still another one to do. No sanding or stripping required though! First I put on a couple of coats of Deco Art Americana Decor Chalky Paint in white http://www.decoart.com/chalkyfinish/. All the colored paint is Americana acrylic craft paint and the colored dots and flowers are hand punched from paper. I would love to see any ugly chair or other furniture makeovers that you have done. Post a picture in the comments if you want to share :) Loving my Happy chair!!


  1. Fantastic idea! I really want to make one for my craft room! So bright and cheerful - I can see why you call it the happy chair!

  2. Such a fabulous job!! I am blessed to be able to create happy furniture for a living! I love finding like minded people who share my enthusiasm for bright colors, bold patterns and all around funky designs! Please come find me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or even my blog; I'm Mary and my business is The Decorative Paintbrush! ❤️